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Smartest Play-to-Earn game
Earn money with your brain

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Being smart?

There are many ways to be smart, CleverGame invites you to reveal yourself in 4 main categories.

Musical Intelligence

Have you ever felt that we all have a musical intelligence ? Come and show us your skills and emotions by participating to musical games !

Social Intelligence

Humain brain is a wonderful machine of communication and social sharings. But how to measure "social intelligence" ? Since it is a common intelligence, winners will be picked and voted by the community.

Logical Intelligence

The universe is driven by beautiful rules, are you one of those top lucid people ? Objective facts and equations have an advantage : the answer rarely depends on our opinion. The logical game will then be a quiz with time competition.

Verbal Intelligence

One of our best creation is the development of languages. And everyone has its own words arsenal, enabling to share detailed and complex feelings. Play against time to demonstate your verbal power.


Our free platform is offering daily challenges and personal monitoring.

IQ tests
Our algorithms are estimating your IQ performances in each domain.
Personal monitoring
Follow your performances and train your brain !
Share your ideas with the community with an online chat.
Withdraw your rewards whenever you want, with cryptocurrencies on Arbitrum chain.
Real-time ranking
Follow your rank everyday with precise rewards estimations.
Admin support is ready to help you and face your bug reports.


We are waiting for you to join us ! Here are a few rules to participate in CleverGame.


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